Home Automation Reviews

Home automation technologies allow one to control devices in the home remotely. Most commonly used to control lighting, it can also be used to control irrigation. There are many technogies that can be used for home automation and it is important to select the proper technology for your particular application.

The site listed on this page include vendors of home automation technologies or provide reviews of the various technologies.

  • The Home Automation site describes several home automation projects and provides reviews of home automation technologies from SmartHome and X10.

  • Smarthome.Com sells home technology components including those that use the X10 protocol, the most widely used home automation protocol, as well as their own line of products supporting the Insteon protocol.

  • Insteon is a newer protocol for home autmation over your house wiring that is more reliable than the traditional X10 protocol.

  • You can find good deals on X10 products at X10.com. Their website is pretty obnoxious, and I caution you not to add yourself to their mailing list, but for good prices on packages of multiple X10 devices, they are the place to go.

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