Solar Power Generation

We have started to see much more interest in solar power because of the increasing cost of electicity, and because of the relative ease of installing such systms. The most environmentally friendly solar systems for the home today leave out the batteries, instead using the grid for storage of power. During the day your meter spins backwards, and you draw that power back at night.

Start your search for solar power information here. On this page you will find resources for those interest in solar power.

  • Solar Power - This site provides information on solar power and provides information about one such installation that has been in use for approximately five years.

  • Projects like One Block off the Grid bring together local users to generate economies of scale that can reduce the cost of installing such systems.

  • The California Energy Commission maintains a listing of pages with information on solar power.

  • EESolar is an is a solar power installer based in Pomona that installs solar power systems throughout Southern California.

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